Before I do anymore post I want to give you a more in-depth review of my very own brand The Higher Spectrum.

When you arrive you will notice the quality of the store right away.  The landing is set in a beautiful courtyard like setting with water gardens and fountains lining the walk path to the open entryway.  Everything is is categorized in its own shopping area.  The Entry area is where you will find the living room sets.  There are other labeled areas for bed rooms, kitchen/dining, accessories and outdoor.  There is also a separate shop for lighting and an  easy path straight to the prefab homes.

The Higher Spectrum Shops

The Higher Spectrum Shops

Just as you would expect that same quality goes into every furniture set, prefab and accessory I create.

here is just a taste of what The Higher Spectrum has to offer…

The Luxair Bold Fully Furnished Prefab Home






This home is my number one top selling house, and you can see why.  These pictures do not even do it justice though.  This is one of the most unique homes available in SL. It  is a urban/modern design all done in black and white with a splash of bold red accents. The open entryway  which separates the right and left wing of the home beholds a suspended  catwalk, which is a transparent red glass.

The left wing of the house is the main open living area containing the living room, kitchen and dining area. The kitchen has lots of nice features including a working sink and an animated cook top.

The Right wing of the house is the master bedroom with master bath, separate bathroom and the stairway leading up to the catwalk. There  two more extra bedrooms upstairs. One on the left wing and one across the catwalk on the right wing above the living space.

the backside of the main entry is an exit to the back yard which also has an optional pool you can buy separately.

Of course each room of the Luxair Bold is filled with high quality Higher Spectrum furnishings.

An unfurnished version is also available.

You will find this home for sale for $6,500L for the fully furnished version. 1,324 prims.  copy/mod.

the unfurnished version is sold for 42,500L.  582 prims.  copy/mod.


Brooklyn Living Room


This is just one of the many designer living rooms THS has to offer.  This sleek sophisticated lofty style set comes in cool shades of black and a robins egg blue with light sage toned accents.  Take notice of all of the detail in these pieces. Each piece is made of high quality textures with light and shading. 

The seating is packed with high quality sit and lounge smooth animations in an easy to use multi-sit menu.
Includes lots of accessories.

Pieces included are:

– Brooklyn Sofa – 21 prims
– Brooklyn love seat – 19 prims
– Brooklyn Chair – 14 prims
– Brooklyn Coffee Table – 13 prims
– 2 Brooklyn Side Tables – 11 prims each
– Rug 2 prims
– Standing Lamp (touch, auto, on, off) – 16 prims
– Floor Plant in vase – 4 prims
– Brooklyn Bridge 3 tier wall art – 6 prims
– Table vases – 4 prims
– Stack of Books – 3 prims

You can buy this set at THS for $1,500L  transfer only permissions.


The Dani bedroom consists of 11 pieces of sophisticated furniture and accessories.  The bed has in inragated sex menu with some of the best custom animations available. Yet again this is just one of the many quality bedroom here at THS. 

There are many more items in-store to choose from including living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, accessories, mini bars, bar stools, lighting, theater furniture, outdoor furniture, lighting, plants and prefabs.

Please stop by and have a look!!!


This is my first blog, so I am still learning all of the features. I will be adding new images soon.  I had recenlty sufferd a horrible computer crash and lost all of my image programs.  I will be installing those tonight.  Once I get everything up and working,  I will be making daily posts and reveiws. please keep checking in.   Im hoping to make this blog site a hot spot for all SL residents with a passion for home and interior design.

Hello everyone my Name is Nephre Nefarious. I am starting this new blog for everyone out there who are fans of second Life interior design, fine furniture and architecture.  I will be featuring alot of items from my very own shop in-world called The Higher Spectrum, but will also be featuring many many others, and reviewing some of the best SL has to offer in this category.

If you are interested in getting your items, shop or even you grand home reviewed on this blog, please send me a folder in-world containing a notecard about your shop or items, some pics, and a landmark to your location.

For the meantime go check out my items!!!! You wont be disapointed:)